Vidya Treat, CST, CMT.

Dr. Edith Chan, DAOM, L.Ac. Vidya Treat began studies in meditation in India and Nepal in the '90's with a focus on Advaita Vedant and Dzogchen. While living there she also studied the Science of Ayurveda including nutrition, yoga and herbal and body therapies. Relocating to San Francisco from Asia she dove deeper into the study of various healing modalities, such as, deep tissue, polarity therapy, myofascial, reflexology, acupressure, craniosacral, pregnancy massage. Vidya continued training in the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine including bodywork, TuiNa & Chi Nei Tsang, at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. She is also fortunate to have apprenticed with Steven Finkbine, Lac. here in the Bay Area.

Greatly impressed by the results and benefits of craniosacral and osteopathy, she studied with Scottish osteopath Hugh Milne, who comes from generations of osteopaths himself and went on to study with many including Dr. Robert Fulford, a protégé of Dr. Sutherland. Vidya completed this program in Visionary Craniosacral Therapy and went on to teach with Hugh Milne for a couple of years while nurturing her own private practice in the Bay Area.

Further studies in intuitive medicine with Laurie Schryver, cultivating energetic and psychic skills employed for both readings and healing and 'Sacred Intuitive Healing' with Eve Soldinger who comes from a lineage of Central and South American shamanic healers and 5 elements acupuncture, have greatly enhanced her practice. This training cultivates deep meditative states and strong experiential relationship with the elements which facilitates the client in clearing multi-level energetic blocks and coming into harmony with divine nature and true clarity of purpose. Vidya offers private sessions using an eloquent combination of technical and intuitive healing.

She also offers instruction in small group settings blending the various influences into an enticing mix. To schedule please call Vidya directly at 415.717.4336.

For more information, please visit Vidya's website.