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From Dr. Edith's "6-Week Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Activation Program"

"What a wonderful experience this six week class was!! My intention in joining was simply to lose weight. What actually happened was far more amazing than that. The most awe-inspiring result (for a foodie like me) is the wonderfully freeing feeling of having broken free from cravings - that a healthy salad made with real foods holds the same (or even more) appeal than a steak and potato dinner. I NEVER thought I would arrive here. Ten pounds in six weeks in a painless transformation. And beyond just the changes in eating habits, the meditation techniques, the calming of self, the search for purpose... This was a joyful and soulful experience and I hope many more are privileged to participate in this journey with such a wonderful teacher. "

- Nicole V.

From our patients:

"I was recommended to visit Edith at Dan Tian by my internal medicine doctor after seeing five other specialist, surgeons and radiologist who all had an opinion on how to treat my knee. Edith was the only one that truly listened to find the cause, check form and get right to work. By the time I left I was feeling better and could immediately see the result. It took me one more visit as a precaution and disbelief that I was actually cured.

After 2 visits, I have been running pain free and recently finished a half marathon, prior to that it was a 1 mile run and pain for 7 days. Would not hesitate going back again for the next issue; this time I will go to Edith first and save the agony of the other doctors. "

- Armen K., Runner

"I saw Edith in the midst of severe insomnia, fatigue and a skin rash. I was getting ready to move out of town in a few weeks and I was very concerned I would not have enough energy for my 12 hour drive through 3 states. Edith is an absolute doll. She is so respectful, sweet and kind... After placing the needles, I nodded off to a lovely and much needed nap. At the end of the session, we talked about supplements and nutrition. A day or two after my session, I was sleeping like a baby, had all of my lost energy back and my skin was looking better and better! She is amazing, I highly recommend seeing her for any health concern! "

- Rachael B., chef

"Edith's knowledge and treatment plans for my sports injuries are far superior from anything else I have experienced before. I became injured approx. 7 weeks prior to marathon race day. The injury I sustained generally required 5-6 weeks to fully recover. I was able to recover within 3 weeks and ran a personal best on race day. I will always be thankful that she helped me exceed my goals and expectations beyond belief!"

- J.D., Marathon Runner   Congrats to J.D. on his 2hr53min PR at 2008 Seattle Marathon!

"I've been to Edith several times over the past two years for elbow and shoulder injuries and each time I have come away with immediate relief of pain and tension as well as a better understanding of how to avoid similar injuries in the future. Edith's combination of massage techniques and acupuncture have been extremely successful for me in virtually eliminating injuries that were otherwise debilitating to my tennis game.

I never hesitate to recommend her to my friends and fellow tennis players. Highly recommended!"

- Aaron, Tennis Player

"Edith is an amazing healer. She is very positive and sends out great energy. Prior to Boston Marathon, Edith treated me for an acute flare-up of my chronic shin splints injury. Just a few sessions and I was good as new. I ran a PR at Boston Marathon, but more importantly, without the nagging shin pains. I love running again!

Later in the season I developed hip pains. I had gone to a chiropractor without much improvement. When I saw Edith, she spent extra time with me to figure out the root source of the problem. I tried her suggestions and found great improvement with adding new stretches to my training routine. Now I love running twice as much! The next time I have an injury, I am going straight to Edith. Thanks Edith!"

- Kelvin, Multisport Athlete, 3hr04min at 2007 Boston Marathon