Reconnective Healing / The Reconnection FAQs

(If you're new to this work, please visit our Reconnection page for an introduction.)

Q: I'm intrigued! What do the Reconnective frequencies actually feel like?

A: Each person's experience is unique and perfect! Clients often report deep relaxation, with many saying they feel so peaceful "it is as if time stood still". The frequencies may feel at times warm, cool, tingly, tugging, breezy, subtle, or not subtle at all! Often, people experience a disappearance of pain or other physical maladies. It is not uncommon that clients report profound wisdom-filled insights or sudden inspiration. Some clients see beautiful visions, colors, geometries, and lights, or experience smells, tastes, and sounds during the sessions. We invite you to let go of expectations and be open to possibilities!

Q: What is the difference between "Reconnective Healing" and "The Reconnection"?

A: The difference between these two ways of working with the frequencies is essentially one of Intent. The intent of "Reconnective Healing" is using the frequencies for healing. The practitioner acts as a catalyst by tuning into these high-vibrational frequencies, enabling the client to bathe in this field of Energy, Light, and Information, activating the healing process. Healings can occur on all levels -- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or beyond. The practitioner does not diagnose or treat any specific medical condition, because the RH frequencies are intelligent and in essence "knows" exactly where to go. Of course, with this level of profound healing, the process of "Reconnection" also begins to occur.

"The Reconnection" has a different intention. Rather than healing, the intent of The Reconnection is to "upgrade" our acupuncture meridian system, reconnecting to the universe and the cosmic "Axiatonal lines". Each client's experience of this process is unique and highly personal. Because people frequently report becoming a more empowered and evolved version of themselves, with profound clarity of life-purpose after their Reconnection, this work is sometimes referred to as "life path acceleration". The Reconnection is done via a two-session process. The practitioner works with the Reconnective frequencies in a very specific and precise way, upgrading and enhancing the client's acupuncture meridians, re-establishing a connection to the cosmic Axiatonal grid system, facilitating an influx of energy, light, and information. And as a pleasant "side-effect" of The Reconnection, healings can occur as part of the process too.

Although the two are not completely separate processes, to obtain the full benefits of each, Reconnective Healing sessions and The Reconnection process are to be experienced on separate occasions.

Q: I'm interested in "Reconnective Healing". How many healing sessions will I need?

A: For some, one visit may be plenty! In general, it is recommended that you consider up to three healing sessions only. While each session can bring about a unique and special experience, often something particularly special tends to be reported by clients during session #3. After 3 sessions, it is recommended to let go and allow whatever might unfold to do so. It is not necessary to come in for regular "ongoing maintenance" sessions.

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The only time we might consider a few more sessions is either: a) if a new situation arises for you; or b) if you've been experiencing clear, recognizable, consistent improvement over the first three visits and it looks as if there's a little more to go. At that point, I might consider a few more sessions. After that, I would again let go and allow it time to unfold. Reconnective Healing is not about regular visits or "touch-ups." You do not need to come in for "weekly" sessions or on any kind of an "ongoing" basis. Once you have your session(s), you "own" your change, your healing, your evolution. It's yours. No one can take it away from you. Ever.

Q: Logistically, how does a "Reconnective Healing" session work?

A: A Reconnective Healing appointment with Dr. Edith is 45mins in length. We begin by chatting very briefly and taking a few minutes to ensure your comfort on the treatment table. Then 30mins is devoted to the RH work, followed by a debriefing of your experience. Because clients often drift into a deeply relaxed half-dreaming state, the debriefing time is important to anchor the experience back into the waking state. Reconnective Healing is generally a touch-free modality (though some hands-on work is possible). A Reconnective Healing session with Dr. Edith is $185 per session.

Q: I'm interested in "The Reconnection"! Logistically, how does The Reconnection work?

A: The Reconnection is a beautiful and sacred process that is done once-in-a-lifetime. The process is completed in two sessions (with 1-3 nights of sleep apart), where each session is 45mins to 1hour in length. We begin the session by ensuring your comfort on the treatment table. Then approximately 45mins is devoted to the Reconnection work itself. At the end of the session we allow 5-15mins to debrief your experience. Because clients often drift into a deeply relaxed half-dreaming state, the debriefing time is important to anchor the experience back into the waking state. This work is done completely touch-free, with the client relaxing on the table, shoes off, and eyes closed. The Reconnection process is only done once-in-a-lifetime. The cost for the entire two-session experience is $333.

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Disclaimer: Edith Chan, The Reconnection, LLC, and anyone associated with this work, inclusive of, but not limited to The Reconnection® and/or Reconnective Healing®, make no specific claims, promises or guarantees, and are neither diagnosing nor treating any specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeking and continuing your medical care with appropriate licensed healthcare providers. Please do not change or discontinue any medical therapy without first seeking the advice of your licensed physicians. When providing this work, Dr. Edith Chan is serving SOLELY as your practitioner of Reconnective Healing® or The Reconnection®, and not as your medical provider.