Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan, DAOM, L.Ac. (creator of Dan Tian Wellness)

Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan, DAOM, L.Ac. Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan, L.Ac. is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture who is known for her success working with athletes. She is also a Level III practitioner of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, and a Certified High Performance Coach (www.DrEdithUbuntu.com).

Dr. Edith's academic background includes a Doctoral Fellowship at Five Branches University (specializing in Endocrinology and Neuromuscular Medicine), a four-year graduate degree from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a bachelors in Applied Mathematics with magna cum laude from Harvard University.

As a TCM practitioner, she has worked and trained in a variety of hospital and clinical settings. Her manual therapy skills were founded upon a rigorous four-year apprenticeship with Master Yu-Tai Fu, award winning Qigong master and traditional "bonesetting healer" from Beijing. Throughout the years, Dr. Edith has been fortunate to study with other legendary Masters, while leveraging her scientific background to demystify this beautiful ancient medicine for her patients. In addition to the medical training, Dr. Edith's practice is also strongly influenced by her background as an athlete & sports coach, her passion for Yoga and Breathwork, her training in The Work of Byron Katie, and the mystical, infinite gifts of Meditation.

Clinical Specialty

Dr. Edith-Ubuntu Chan specializes in Holistic Sports Medicine and Sports Performance medicine. She is perhaps best known for her consistent success with orthopedic conditions and sports injuries. She also delves deeper to support patients with chronic internal conditions such as digestive disorders, poor sleep, chronic fatigue, endocrine imbalance, women's menstrual issues, stress, etc... Dr. Edith is a strong advocate for empowering each patient to understand how lifestyle and self-care can powerfully affect one's self-healing abilities. Her holistic approach allows patients to not only heal from existing conditions, but to thrive at optimal wellness, and prevent future illness or injury.

As an experienced athlete and sports coach, Dr. Edith especially understands the dynamics of sports. She works with many elite athletes and customizes treatment plans to be in sync with each athlete's unique training and competition schedule, using acupuncture, bodywork, and herbal medicine to stimulate post-workout recovery, prevent injuries, and enhance sports performance. She finds great joy in collaborating with sports coaches and other healthcare providers to help athletes reach optimal health and breakthrough performance!

Personal Background

Born in Hong Kong, Edith was exposed to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at a young age. She saw how powerfully QiGong energy work, manual therapies, herbal medicine, and acupuncture can heal a variety of conditions, especially in cases where conventional Western medical treatments are lacking. As a child, she was always a great fan of Martial Arts movies and dreamed of becoming a traditional Chinese healer/Shaman. But finding an apprenticeship under a true master was deemed too impractical. So the childhood dream was put on hold...

During her studies at Harvard, Edith explored many seemingly unrelated interests, including Mathematics, Physics, Chinese language and philosophy, music, volunteer service, and rowing on the NCAA Division I crew team. Next came four years in computer software, which left her restless to pursue her childhood dream. Once the decision to study TCM was made, a chain of magical and serendipitous events ensued, including meeting Dr. Yu-Tai Fu, a brilliant master healer who took Edith in as apprentice with open arms and unconditional loving-kindness.EdithPeacefulWarrior

Today, Dr. Edith reflects on this seemingly circuitous journey with great fondness and gratitude. Her software career, while short-lived, greatly enhanced her success helping patients with computer/stress-related conditions. Her diversed academic background became key to bridging the gap between ancient tradition and modern science. The decades of experience in sports led to her unique success helping athletes create breakthrough performances. Whenever she's not seeing patients, Dr. Edith loves her Yoga, Qigong, Meditation practices, and enjoys playing outdoors (Swimming, Cycling, Running).